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Islander Lodge Motel

Islander Lodge Motel
The body of Oakland resident Shenise McLemore was discovered by a maid at the Islander Lodge Motel at 2398 E. 14th Street on May 28, 2004. According to police, the victim had a history of prostitution.

The Islander Lodge Motel has weekly rates that seem to appeal to such an interesting array of clients (the city of San Leandro calls it a transient occupancy hotel) that it allows the San Leandro police to regularly check the names of lodgers to see if there are any outstanding warrants for them. So if you're looking for a business that respects your privacy and asks for a warrant or subpoena before turning over information to law enforcement, look elsewhere.

The murder was San Leandro's first in 2004 and as of June 10, 2004, the police were still searching for the man who rented the room in which Ms. McLemore was found.