I have lived in San Leandro since 2000. I have two children and am married to Margarita Lacabe. I was one of the founding members of the San Leandro Community Action Network in 2006. As part of my focus on our schools within SLCAN, I ran for San Leandro School Board and was elected in 2006.

I began blogging about San Leandro in 2004 because I couldn't find information about San Leandro online. I don't accept advertising and have no intention of making money from San Leandro Bytes. I write about things that I think will interest the community. My goal is to provide accurate information in a fair and objective manner, despite my own biases.

I welcome suggestions and ideas about topics. You can email me at mkatz at sanleandrobytes-dot-com.

I don't write much about issues concerning the schools because my role on the School Board might threaten any sense of objectivity.